March 20, 2020

AKSWard COVID-19 Statement

The COVID-19 coronavirus is dominating the news and will impact all of us personally and professionally. AKSWard Ltd is responding to Government advice and this, as we know, is changing on a daily basis as the virus spreads. It is a great risk to our industry which relies of on collaboration to deliver successful projects.

AKSWard is keen to continue to deliver our projects and service our clients in a safe but effective way throughout the pandemic and we have put in place several measures which we hope will enable us to do this:

  • Invested and tested technology and infrastructure to enable all of our staff to work remotely in a safe and secure manner.

  • Tested our management processes to ensure that any remote working of teams is effective and complies with our QA procedures.

  • Using video and telephone conferencing for all internal meetings via O365.

  • Avoiding physical contact between our 4 offices to protect against any widespread outbreak of the virus.

  • Suspending any foreign travel for business.

  • Encouraging our staff to self-isolate and work remotely in line with Government advice.

We have also requested that our staff do not attend large public gatherings including networking events for the foreseeable future and to also assess each external meeting request before attending.

It goes without saying that we all need projects to progress and we are geared up to continue our normal service. This may even be an opportunity for us to all develop new ways of working which could be beneficial to the environment. If you have any further comments or suggestions then please let us know as we are keen to share in good safe practice.

Gary Allen
Managing Director