December 14, 2021

Carbon Reduction Plan

AKSWard is a Structural and Civil Engineering & Building Surveying Consultancy with offices across the South of England. It provides design and advice services to the Construction Industry producing designs and reports that are typically issued electronically its carbon generation is predominantly through activities within its offices and travel to construction sites.

AKSWard is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Emissions reduction targets
In order to continue our progress to achieving Net Zero, we have adopted the following carbon
reduction targets.

•   Reduction in electricity use through:
– ensuring all equipment is turned off when not in use
– turning off all lights in unoccupied rooms
– at end of life, replacing equipment with low energy equivalents

•   Reduction in paper use through:
– encouraging the use of electronic reading and marking-up aids rather than printing
– re-use of paper before disposal

•   Reductions in Business Travel emissions through:
– increasing the use, where appropriate and feasible, of Public Transport, walking or cycling (the latter encouraged by the use of our Cycle to work scheme.)
– maintaining & increasing the use of videoconferencing.

We project that carbon emissions will decrease over the next five years to 27.25 tCO2e by 2025. This is a reduction of 17% which falls in line with our overall target for Net Zero in 2050.

To see full AKSWard Carbon Reduction Plan, please click here.