September 7, 2022

Summer Away Day 2022

In July this year during the extraordinary British heatwave, the AKSWard offices finally got back together at Merton College Grounds, Oxford – for a well-deserved ‘Away Day’. An event packed with ball sports, table tennis, cricket and BBQ’s; the team celebrated another successful summer!

COVID-19 really changed the landscape of how businesses just like ours work today, one of these changes being reduced social interactions (to put it nicely!). As a company that prides itself on its passion, creativity and inspiration; collaborating as a team is crucial to our projects. We are very proud of our team for handling those unprecedented times with initiative, never letting the pandemic get in the way of their spectacular work. Here at AKSWard we have adapted to these new ways of working – whilst remaining uninterrupted in delivering amazing results to our clients.

We believe it is important to emphasize the impact of people. You cannot design and build incredible infrastructure without people. We envisage structures powerful enough to host places of healing, learning and developing – whilst capturing the art of architectural beauty. All this and more, we cannot do without people.

Look below at some of the snapshots from the AKSWard Away Day 22’!